Men’s Breakfast Club


Cancelled until further notice, due to COVID-19.

Come and join the Men’s Breakfast Club in Weedon’s Chapter house (no subscription!).

Although set within Weedon Church this is not church, but an opportunity for a big boys munch.  It’s open to anyone who is male and living in Weedon, Everdon and Dodford.

It is set up, cooked, eaten, discussed and washed up by men.

Why you should attend
It’s a wonderful opportunity to network within your local community and have fun.  A time to munch over food, crunch over news and appreciate other people’s hobbies and views.

When it’s happening
It’s on the last Saturday of every month at 8:30.

Where it’s happening
Weedon’s Chapter House, which is the parish room within Weedon Church.


How you can be involved
Contact Steve on 07817 301777 or 01327 342012 to book.